Division News: Summer 2017 Week 7

Marissa Allaben11 Aug 2017



Color War Master Book 2017

Skipper Scoop

Skippers had a terrific Trip Week! On Monday, the Fun Bus arrived for on-campus excitement for our youngest campers. Nursery and Pre-K groups each took a turn climbing, jumping, and balancing on the Fun Bus before going down the big slide to exit the bus. Kindergarteners participated in Trip Week when they traveled to Bounce U. on Wednesday. They had a great time playing and bouncing with their friends on all the inflatables!

Today was full of surprises! We met NBA pro Ron Baker and watched a cool basketball show. We couldn’t believe all the tricks the Court Jesters did with the basketballs! But the biggest surprise came at the end when Color War broke and the BLUE SMURFS faced off against the WHITE TROLLS! WE CAN’T WAIT FOR ALL THE GREAT COLOR WAR ACTIVITIES NEXT WEEK!

Have a wonderful weekend,
Jill Bloom
Skipper Supervisor

Mariner Messages

Trip Week couldn’t have been more fun for the Mariners! Everyone had the chance to visit someplace exciting this week: 3rd graders explored the Hall of Science on Monday, 4th graders took over Hot Skates before enjoying a yummy treat at Pip’s Ice Cream Parlour on Tuesday, 2nd graders played the day away at the LI Children’s Museum on Wednesday, and 1st graders bounced around at Bounce U. on Thursday.

We also want to congratulate our 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders on their performances this week! They have been preparing all summer long to get ready for their shows, and we are so proud of them. THANK YOU to all the Mariner counselors and to the talented staff of To The Stage for their hard work and dedication to our campers! Thank You also to all our parents and families who came out this week to support your campers – they are so lucky to have you.

Mariners were really anticipating today’s Basketball Blowout with NBA Knicks pro Ron Baker and the Court Jesters! We couldn’t believe all the neat tricks and dunks they were able to do on the basketball court. But what was most exciting was the grand finale – a basketball game between the WHITE TROLLS & the BLUE SMURFS! That’s right – Color War broke out today! Who will win Color War Summer 2017?! We know that despite there being only one winner, all our Mariners will show true sportsmanship during Color War activities next week.
Have fun and let the games begin!

Have a great weekend!
Fran & Lonny

Navigator Notes

Despite the rain on Monday, the Navigators still had a blast going to RVC Bowl and going to see the Emoji movie. The skies cleared up on Tuesday and we made a splash at Mountain Creek water park. At their game against the Texas Rangers on Wednesday, the Mets were cheered on by the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders of Rolling River. The Navigators were treated to a special trip at Bounce! Trampoline on Thursday, where everyone had a lot of fun. Basketball player Ron Baker joined the camp on Friday for an exciting end to the week.

By Navigator Special Reporters Juliana Febrizio and Isabelle Lisi (G15)


The CITs had an amazing trip to Mountain Creek! Even though we had to climb up a lot of steep hills, we got to cool off on some cool water rides. We were also treated to Ralph’s Ices on Thursday – thank you, Matt & Melanie! We can’t believe it’s the end of the 7th week of camp already. We are all so excited for Color War and our upcoming trip to the movies and Pip’s Ice Cream on Monday – next week is going to be a blast! Who is going to win – White or Blue?

by CIT Special Reporters Nora Donovan & Larissa Vasquez

Big Fish

Congratulations to these staff members for being recognized as Big Fish this week:


  • Tara Nass (G8) – Asst Counselor
  • Jake Barroso (At-Large) – CIT
  • Sari Goldstein (G4) – CIT
  • Jaison Coles (B8) – Head Counselor
  • Loren Graff (G7) – Head Counselor
  • Charlie Perlmutter (B7) – Asst Counselor
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