Embark on Life’s Voyage: The Purpose of Rolling River Day Camp

Marissa Allaben09 Mar 2017

You can trace life-changing moments back to summer camp. Rhonda and Mark met as camp counselors in 1975 and their love for camp encouraged them to establish Rolling River in 1993. Thousands of campers later, we are launching the 25th Anniversary “Sail-a-Bration” this summer as a staple in the local community. Rolling River has affected the lives of many and we are now reflecting on the reason why:

The Rolling River experience provides pivotal moments that change the course of your life. The instant you realize you CAN swim, or play ball, or sing: moments that lead you to pursue a new interest or even point you towards a career. The introduction to your future lifelong friend or the connection that blossomed into marriage. Learning to communicate, or lead, or mentor.  These moments in camp often serve as the springboard for each person’s unique life voyage.

With this in mind, we are proud to introduce our new mission statement:

Embark on Life’s Voyage.

Now it’s your turn: How has Rolling River helped you or your child embark on life’s voyage? Did a skill learned at camp inspire a new course in life? Did you learn how to play a sport at camp and now are on the Varsity team? Did you meet your soul-mate or develop an amazing friendship?

Tell us your story (and accompanying pictures) by April 15, 2017 and you may be featured in our new video series launching the 25th Anniversary Mission Statement. We will also select one story at random to win a $150 Amazon gift card. This is open to all current and alumni families, campers and staff.

You may post your story to our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/rollingriver) or email marissa@rollingriver.com.

We look forward to hearing the stories of your life’s voyage,

The Goodman Family

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