Top 10 Reasons Rolling River is the Best Summer Camp in Nassau County

Marissa Allaben09 May 2017

10. We get movin’ 

On the fields & courts, in the pool, rope course or Gaga, or on one of our many playgrounds — RRDC campers have so many opportunities to run, jump, climb, play, and swim throughout the day. We come home tired and happy at the end of the day. Eat, bathe, sleep, repeat!

9. We’re learning new skills

Opportunities to sharpen our skills abound down at the RIVA. Want to learn a new sport? Learn a new karate move or a new yoga pose? Pass the deep water test? Caring counselors, specialty staff, and our local partners are here to help you accomplish all your summer goals.

8. Freedom to develop our independence & resilience

Overnight trips, activity choices, even trying a new lunch. We’re ready to challenge ourselves and feel proud of our accomplishments, no matter how small.

7. Banana Boats!! ‘Nuff said.


6. Unstructured time with our friends

Do we follow a structured camp routine and schedule? Definitely! But we love taking a break from our busy school year to play, swim, run, and talk with our friends and counselors.

5. Connecting with Nature

We love visiting Charger the Tortoise and all the animals at Nature and exploring our environment. Creating slime, making a volcano erupt, feeding lizards and birds, too. At RRDC, we can take a break from technology to reconnect with the world around us.

4. Amazing Special Events — Every Week!

From dress-up days and special themes to game shows and covering our counselors in green goo and whipped cream, nothing beats our Special Event Fridays. Who KNOWS what surprises are in store for us this summer?!

3. Carnival

Rolling River is transformed for one day each summer into a Carnival paradise! Water rides, bounce houses, carnival booths, cotton candy, and a visit from the Kona Ice Truck. It’s not hard to see why Carnival is easily one of the most eagerly-anticipated days of the summer.

2. Color War

The excitement begins at Color War break and brings a full week of amazing Blue vs. White events. Even after we reunite, the memories live on. We will always remember the words to our favorite Color War songs, and sing along every time we hear the tune.

and the #1 reason that RRDC is the BEST CAMP AROUND…….


1. Lifelong Friendships

What matters most? The amazing people who change our lives forever. We can’t wait to see our camp friends. Our camp friends are with us through thick and thin over the years. The special bond between camp friends is unbreakable.

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