Division News: Summer 2018 Week 2

Marissa Allaben06 Jul 2018

Skipper Scoop

The Skippers had a terrific second week at Rolling River! We are trying lots of new activities, learning new games, and creating beautiful projects, too. Here are just a few of the awesome things Skippers did this week:

  • Kindergarteners dribbled around cones and scored goals while Nursery and Pre-K campers practiced base-running, hitting, and catching on Skipper Field.
  • At Loading Dock, we made bracelets, anklets, and necklaces using camouflage beads and popbeads. We are also learning how to tie knots.
  • At Skipper Arts and Crafts, different groups made abstract water color canvases, aprons and donuts for Food Festival Friday, and salt-dough shell fossils.
  • We are all having so much fun in the pool, blowing bubbles, dunking our heads and splashing with our friends!

We can’t wait to see what fun SPIRIT WEEK has in store for us!

Have a terrific weekend,
Jill Bloom
Skipper Supervisor

Mariner Messages

Dear Mom and Dad,

We are having an amazing time down at the RIVA! This week, we participated in so many activities. Morning lineup is full of surprises when we get to play fun games like Musical Chairs, answer trivia questions to win Lonny Dollars and Fran Dough, and cheer for our counselors when they are awarded Big Fish. We investigated owl pellets at Nature, and made many different projects at Arts & Crafts, like decoupage piggy banks, frames and treasure boxes, and decorated bandanas, flags, and frames for Independence Day. We started Intramurals, too. The competition was fierce, and we showed off our athletic prowess in Gaga, basketball, beach volleyball, softball, and soccer. Did you know we are practicing to pass the deep water and dock tests? It’s so exciting because we’ll get to swim in the deep end of the pool and ride the waves on banana boats and test out the new “Corcls”! We beat the heat by exploring the cool exhibits at the Hall of Science, too.

The best part of our week had to be FOOD FESTIVAL FRIDAY! We participated in the Great Pizza Challenge and competed to be crowned Mariner Top Chef with DJ Chef!

Thanks for sending us to camp! We hope summer lasts forever.

Fran and Lonny

Navigator Notes

This week at camp, B12 had an awesome to the Country Fair. We rode go-karts and played games. During Intramurals, B12 rocked it!  I wonder who will be the champions this summer? On Thursday, we went to Adventureland and the roller coasters were crazy fun! I can’t wait to see what we’ll get to do next week.

by Navigator Special Reporter Brandon Firth


On Monday, we went to Just Escape and had a great time trying to escape. We got out with just two and a half minutes to spare. I had a blast making donuts in Arts & Crafts with my group. I love the N7 Otters and I can’t wait to see them next week!
by CIT Special Reporter Steven Markman, 9th Grade

The first week of camp was a blast. The CITs took an awesome trip to Just Escape and we are looking forward to Splish Splash next week. I am the CIT for the G1 Starfish and we have so much fun together! I never want this summer to end!
by CIT Special Reporter Isa Lisi, 9th Grade

Big Fish

Special congratulations go out to the following staff for being recognized as Big Fish:


  • Michelle Frank – Head Counselor, N4


  • Jenny Bravo – Head Counselor, B2
  • Ricki Harwin – Head Counselor, G1
  • Devin Herrera, Floater
  • Hannah Katz – Assistant Counselor, B3
  • Andrew Geller – CIT, B10

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