Specialty Cove Spotlight: Arts and Crafts

Marissa Allaben15 Oct 2020

Specialty Cove Spotlight: Arts and Crafts at Craft Creek

By Rhonda Goodman, Camp Director and Supervisor of “Specialty Cove”

As the Supervisor of Rolling River’s Specialty Cove on the scenic shores of south shore Long Island, I am involved with developing program activities in our creative arts areas including Arts and Crafts, Nature, Woodworking, Lanyard, Cooking and more.  I am excited to start an informative series called “Specialty Cove Spotlight” to share our most popular projects that children can try at home.  These activities encourage you and your children to use art as a creative outlet during these unprecedented times.

This week’s “Specialty Cove Spotlight” features our outstanding Arts and Crafts program at Craft Creek.  Arts and Crafts introduces campers to a wide variety of artistic experiences in different mediums.  Projects range from two dimensional painting using various techniques to three dimensional crafting in leather, stained glass, tie dye and more.  The goal of the program is to foster individuality and creativity through their artistic experience.

Featured DIY Projects from Arts and Crafts

Spray Tie-Die: An “easy-peasy” tie dye technique

  • Materials: Cotton fabric t-shirt, tube socks or bandana (or item that you are tie dying), plastic stencils, rubberbands, Tulip fabric spray paint in multiple colors
  • Click Here for Video Instruction Link
  • Expert Tip- You can use various shaped stencils to spray around it or spray inside the shape

Masking Tape Negative Space Design: Each painting is unique

  • Materials: Any size canvas board, 1″ blue painters tape or masking tape, acrylic paint, paint brushes, cup of water, paper towels
  • Click Here for Video Instruction Link

Soap-On-A-Rope: Great motivator for washing hands

  • Materials: Soapmaking materials from Brambleberry, waxed or cotton white twisted rope (to be placed in liquid soap and mold before hardening), soap molds (any shape), small plastic toy of your choice (to place inside the soap before it dries), soap fragrance (if preferred)
  • Click Here for Video Instruction Link

Leathercraft: Old-time fun with leather

  • Materials: Leathercraft materials can be purchased from Tandy Leather or Springfield Leather (includes bookmarks, bracelets, keychains and more), various stamps, stain/dye, mallet
  • Click Here for Video Instruction Link

Directed Painting: Simple follow-along fun 

  • Materials- Canvas board (12″x24″), paint brushes, acrylic paint, water, paper towels
  • Click Here for Video Instruction Link


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