Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Marissa Allaben17 Nov 2022

Introducing the Rolling River Holiday Gift Guide 2022! We’re sure many parents are still looking to find the perfect gifts for their campers.  Therefore, we put together a guide for holiday gifting based on our camp divisions.  All of the gifts mentioned below are inspired by activities at camp including Arts and Crafts, Basketball, Hidden Treasures, Nature, Martial Arts, STEAM, Barnacle Blocks, our Special Events and more.  Click the links below the pictures to access more information.  Happy holidays from your Rolling River family!

Skipper Division Gift Guide

  • Piano Playmat Our Skipper Division loved learning about new instruments and making music all summer! This piano playmat will allow them to continue developing a love for music while encouraging creativity.
  • Foam Rocket Launcher In STEAM, campers stepped into the shoes of scientists and ran experiments each week. An at home rocket launcher, brings their favorite STEAM activity home!  
  • Sensory Matching game During the camp season, Mind & Movement makes discovering new things about ourselves fun! Our skippers loved playing new games that were sneakily helping them developmentally. This sensory matching game brings this fun learning right to your home.
  • Build a Truck Design & Drill Bolt Buddies combines Woodworking, Arts and Crafts and Barnacle Blocks. This gift is all about using imagination, fine motor skills and results in a fun toy for your child to explore.
  • Blue’s Clues Coloring Bring a little piece of Nickelodeon Day home this holiday. After meeting Blue from Blue’s Clues this summer, this activity book is sure to be a hit!
  • Personalized name book I See Me offers a wide range of personalized books to make learning fun. These books continue to teach what was explored during Hidden Treasures as well as what they’re learning in school right now! From books exploring about the letters in their name to stories that make them the main character, this book is sure to become a bedtime favorite.
  • Play Tent & Tunnel Playground time is always the best! With temperatures dropping, this indoor play tent & tunnel ensures that your child’s days on the playground exploring don’t have to end when the leaves fall.
  • Bluey Scavenger Hunt The Bluey Scavenger Hunt promotes teamwork, and helps improve problem solving skills. On skipper field, the skippers learned about team sports and the importance of working as a team, this game allows them see how teamwork goes beyond playing sports!

Mariner Divison Gift Guide

  • Crayola Paper flower Even though the flowers in our gardens may be gone until spring, the Crayola paper flower kit brings the vibrant colors of spring year round. This kit incorporates projects our campers made at nature throughout the summer and is the perfect way to avoid any winter time blues.
  • Pixicade Pixicade is the perfect combination of screen time and being creative. This gift allows your child to create their own video games. Through step by step tutorials that encourage imagination to run wild, your child will draw their own game with Pixicade’s markers and then simply take a picture on their app to play their new invention!
  • Slime kit Nickelodeon day was without a doubt a crowd pleaser this past summer! Bring the slime zone home, with this slime kit that includes all of the mix-ins. The best part is it even includes a slime making tray so you don’t have to worry about any slime getting on anything.
  • Project mc2: Grow your own crystal jewelry Combining STEAM and Loading Dock, our mariners are sure to love Project mc2’s grow your own crystal jewelry kit. This gift let’s your child show off their personal style while learning about the science of crystallization
  • Electronic arcade basketball During the winter, kids can get antsy to get back out and play their favorite sports again. We know that one of our campers’ favorite activities over the summer was basketball. Arcade basketball brings back the friendly competitive feelings of playing with their team!
  • I got this All summer, our mariner division learned new games with Lonny, the Mariner supervisor. I got this is a game packed with silly activities that will be fun for the whole family!
  • Ribbon ninja From breaking boards to learning the basics, Campers learned how to be quick with their motions at Martial Arts. Ribbon Ninja is all about thinking fast and using reflexes to move from apprentice to sensei. 
  • Totally Gross: The game of science Turn your living room into a science lab with Totally Gross. Combining what our campers learned in STEAM over the summer, and their science lessons in school, Totally Gross makes learning fun and will make your child a true scientist

Navigator Divison Gift Guide

  • Studio Creator Our Navigators are always asking to be in Tik Tok on the camp account. The Studio Creator will provide them with the perfect creator studio. Improving their video and editing skills while letting them get creative with videos, we guarantee this gift will be a huge hit!
  • 3D pen The 3D pen is a unique way to encourage creativity at home. As an elevated version of coloring, your child will find hours of fun with this new addition.
  • Moon lamp A moon lamp will make any bedroom feel brand new. The colors are completely customizable and they add the neon effect without ruining your walls that LED light strips may.  
  • Bath bomb & soap DIY Kit Middle school is hard, having a completely personal bath bomb and soap ready after a long day at school will transform your home into a spa. Combining STEAM and Arts & Crafts activities, your pre-teen can customize the colors and scents to be exactly what they want.
  • Mini drone A mini drone will broaden your child’s curiosity and subconsciously make them think scientifically about their next move. Experimenting with heights, distances, and colors, this gift will stay a favorite for a long time!
  • Escape room in a box After visiting Puzzle Break LI this summer, Navigators polished their critical thinking skills. Escape room in a box will bring that trip home and provide a fun family game night. 
  • Laser tag set Laser tag is a classic activity that our campers love every summer. Sometimes it can be hard to find a local business that has it, but this gift takes that dilemma away. 
  • Minecraft nerf game Add to your child’s nerf gun collection with this cool Minecraft themed product.

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