Creative Arts

Our Creative Arts Program, known as Specialty Cove, is situated by breezy Mill River and features an array of indoor and outdoor facilities to house over a dozen arts programs. We offer endless opportunities for children to plunge into “uncharted waters” and create their own treasures through both structured and unstructured creative arenas.

Director Rhonda Goodman personally oversees Specialty Cove. Rhonda is a certified art and special education teacher and meets pre-season with all specialty staff to plan a wide variety of age-appropriate and fun activities. Our Specialty Cove Staff prepare projects and lessons for regularly scheduled periods, hobby and choice periods and special rainy day activities.

Creative Arts activities include:

  • Arts & Crafts at Skipper Scribbles
  • Barnacle Blocks Lego Building
  • Ceramics at Pottery Pier
  • Computers at Computer Causeway
  • Cooking at The Galley
  • Dance at Ocean Motion

  • Environmental Science at Coral Reef Nature
  • Hidden Treasures: Introduction to Theater Arts
  • Loading Dock: Beading & Lanyard
  • Mindfulness & Movement
  • Music at Tidal Tunes
  • Painting and Drawing at Craft Creek

  • Puppetry at River Country
  • Theater Arts at Sea Breeze Theater
  • Skipper STEAM at River Country
  • STEAMboat Tech Lab
  • Woodworking at Hammerhead Haven