Sleepaway Programs

Rolling River Day Camp’s extensive network of contacts in the sleepaway camp market allows us to serve as a fantastic resource if your child is considering resident camp.  Rolling River has partnered with established sleepaway camps in many markets including:

  • Upstate New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Connecticut
  • New Hampshire
  • Maine

When selecting a sleepaway camp, it’s important to find the best match in regards to activity options, length of stay and distance from home.  Since we know your child as a camper, our Directors can provide insight and recommendations for the most ideal fit.

Just because your child is interested in sleepaway camp doesn’t mean they need to leave Rolling River! We offer two options for those families looking to package the Rolling River experience with a sleepaway camp program:

  • Rolling River Half Season 2: Attend sleepaway camp for the first half of the summer and attend Rolling River for the second half of the summer
  • Sleepaway Plus: Attend sleepaway camp for the full summer and attend Rolling River for the final 2 weeks of day camp (alumni only)

Click Here for our Camp Dates and Rates or Contact Us for More Information about Partner Sleepaway Camps