Staff Interviews

Thank you for your interest in working as a Rolling River Crew Member! All staff members must be available to work the entire summer (38 days camp is in session) unless otherwise discussed. Staff members are not hired on a part time basis.

If you are APPLYING to be a Crew Member for the first time, please complete the Staff Application:

  • All first-time staff members (including past CITs) must apply to work through Rolling River’s staff application.
  • Submit the online application, including the 3 online references within the application
  • If a position is available in your area of interest, you will receive a text message to set up an initial interview
  • References will be followed up by the Rolling River office after your interview
  • If your references are satisfactory and a position is available, you will be invited to sign a contract

If you are a RETURNING Crew Member, please complete your Staff Return Form:

  • Alumni staff members receive an invitation to return to camp in November.
  • Returning staff members do NOT need to complete the online staff application but do need to set up a review meeting and contract signing.
  • Log On to Camp In Touch , navigate to “Forms and Documents” and complete the following form- “Returning Staff: Position Request & Assessment Form”
  • Click Here to schedule your Contract Signing Appointment through Calendly

Camp salary and compensation packages are discussed during the interview.  Compensation is dependent on multiple factors including age and/or grade, position type, background experience, years working at Rolling River and tuition needed for children.