Navigators (Grades 5-8)

The Rolling River Navigator Division includes campers entering grades 5 – 8 and the outcome for Navigator campers is to embark on a voyage of exploration.  The Navigator Division is the perfect combination of a traditional summer camp experience and exciting travel program.  This popular program sets the standard for creativity in day camping by allowing campers to explore their personal passions both on and off-campus.


Navigator campers are placed in groups based on their incoming grade and gender.

  • Group sizes range from approximately 20-25 campers.
  • Each group is assigned a dedicated, adult head counselor and 2 or 3, college-aged assistant counselors.
  • All Navigator head counselors possess a NYS Commercial Drivers License and are responsible for transporting groups to off-campus activities and local day trips.

Off-Campus Trips

As Navigators progress through the Division, they earn more independence and responsibility to explore off-campus activities.

  • All Navigator groups participate in a full day, full division trip once per week.
  • As campers move up in the Division, additional off-campus trips and activities are built into the schedule.
  • Our diverse travel calendar features a variety of age-appropriate and popular locations such as Splish Splash, Mountain Creek, Dorney Park, New York Mets, Rye Playland, Aviator and more.
  • Campers also have the opportunity to attend a 3 day/2 night optional overnight to exciting locations such as Hershey Park, Lake George, Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia and more. We also offer an optional Broadway Show in New York City.

On-Campus Activities

Our on-site Navigator schedules include camp favorites in sports and the arts well as opportunities for customized hobby and choice periods.

  • Navigators receive a combination of scheduled group activities and customizable hobby or choice periods.
  • While lower division Navigator campers still receive swim instruction, upper division campers may participate in lifeguard training workshops.
  • All Navigators also engage in a co-ed Intramurals program and weekly special events.