Skippers (Ages 2-5)

The Rolling River Skipper Division includes campers ages 2-5 (toddler to kindergarten) and the outcome for Skipper campers is to embark on a voyage of independence. Outstanding adult supervision, an intimate environment, and flexible program offerings provide the perfect balance for a smooth introduction to camp.


Skipper campers are assigned camp groups based on their age.

  • Each group of approximately 15 campers is supervised by a dedicated adult head counselor and 2-3 assistant counselors, all who genuinely enjoy working with our youngest mates.
  • The camper to counselor ratio in the Skippers never exceeds 4:1. CITs (or counselors-in-training) provide additional supervision per group. We do not count CITs in our camper to counselor ratio.
  • Our Divisional Supervisors and counselors work closely with parents to monitor progress and obtain feedback through effective, ongoing communication.


Skipper groups utilize the entire campus to participate in both instructional and creative play programming.

  • Groups are assigned air-conditioned classrooms to use as a home base
  • A typical Skipper schedule introduces campers to indoor and outdoor activities in athletics, aquatics, movement and creative arts. All Skipper campers participate in morning swim instruction and an afternoon free swim in the Junior Pool.
  • The Skipper camp facilities, including Skipper Stadium, Sandbar & Seascape Playgrounds and Junior Pool, are all designed with smaller size in mind.

Flexible Options

Flexibility is the most important characteristic of the Skipper Division program.

  • Rolling River offers Skipper campers the choice of 4, 6 or 8 weeks, 3 or 5 days per week and mini or full day.
  • Customization allows parents to satisfy the individual needs of their young child and ensure a successful first camp experience, as well as continuous future experiences.