Our Leadership

Our staff, who we affectionately call “The Crew”, is the most important component in a camper’s successful summer. Without a doubt, the richest resource your child will have access to at Rolling River is our passionate, enthusiastic and caring staff. Each year our staff return rate is extremely high. This continuity creates an environment that is familiar and enhances the family atmosphere at Rolling River.  Click here to learn more about joining our Crew.

Our “Chief Officers” are the guiding lights of Rolling River. Led by Directors Rhonda and Mark Goodman and Marissa Allaben, this dedicated and experienced group works tirelessly year-round to create a positive, safe and successful camper experience. Our Leadership Team possesses a diverse background in education, business management, event planning and healthcare.

Mark Goodman

Position: Director
Maiden Voyage: 1993
Email: mark@rollingriver.com

Rhonda Goodman

Position: Director
Maiden Voyage: 1993
Email: rhonda@rollingriver.com

Marissa Goodman Allaben

Position: Director
Maiden Voyage: 1993
Email: marissa@rollingriver.com

Jon Goodman

Position: Associate Director, Transportation Supervisor
Maiden Voyage: 1993
Email: jonathan@rollingriver.com

Jill Bloom

Position: Skipper Division Supervisor
Maiden Voyage: 2008
Email: skippers@rollingriver.com

Alison Goodman Rothenberg

Position: Associate Director, Skipper Division Asst. Supervisor
Maiden Voyage: 1993
Email: alison@rollingriver.com

Lonny Dugger

Position: Mariner Division Supervisor
Maiden Voyage: 2003
Email: mariners@rollingriver.com

Ricki Harwin

Position: Mariner Division Asst. Supervisor
Maiden Voyage: 1999
Email: mariners@rollingriver.com

Anthony Bruno

Position: Navigator Division/Program Supervisor
Maiden Voyage: 2003
Email: anthony@rollingriver.com

Chris Russo

Position: Navigator Division Assistant Supervisor
Maiden Voyage: 2012
Email: camp@rollingriver.com

Doreen Romano

Position: Aquatics Supervisor
Maiden Voyage: 1998
Email: aquatics@rollingriver.com

Matt Rothenberg

Position: Waterfront Supervisor
Maiden Voyage: 2004
Email: matt@rollingriver.com

Alicia Stone

Position: Health Center Supervisor
Maiden Voyage: 1993
Email: healthcenter@rollingriver.com

Jim Long

Position: Trip Supervisor
Maiden Voyage: 2001
Email: camp@rollingriver.com

Rebecca Mantle

Position: CIT Supervisor
Maiden Voyage: 1997
Email: cit@rollingriver.com

Jason Litwack

Position: CIT Supervisor
Maiden Voyage: 1995
Email: cit@rollingriver.com

Ken Lieber

Position: Athletics Supervisor
Maiden Voyage: 2013
Email: camp@rollingriver.com

Lisa Goodman

Position: Business Manager
Maiden Voyage: 2008
Email: lisa@rollingriver.com


Contact Our Year Round Staff at 516-593-2267

Chrissy Osgood

Position: Events Manager
Maiden Voyage: 1993
Email: events@rollingriver.com

Dan Moser

Position: Facilities Manager
Maiden Voyage: 2019
Email: facilities@rollingriver.com

Pat Richter

Position: Staffing Coordinator
Maiden Voyage: 2001
Email: staff@rollingriver.com

Colleen Boller

Position: Office Manager
Maiden Voyage: 1997
Email: colleen@rollingriver.com