Rolling River offers a variety of programs designed for families who are in need of financial assistance to pay camp tuition.  Any family may apply for a campership.  Camperships are awarded based on financial and/or situational need and group availability.  Application review for “Camperships” begin during the month of February but candidates may send in their paperwork at any time. Camperships are awarded after a review with the Board of Directors.  The deadline to apply for a campership is April 15th.

Ben Appelbaum Camperships

Ben Applebaum was an owner/director of several tri-state camps and served as an extraordinary advocate for youth development. Scholarship amounts are based upon income verification, as well as the child’s age and length of time attending camp.  Families are required to pay partial tuition based on the scholarship amount awarded.

Campmates Memorial Camperships

Campmates Memorial Scholarships are in memory of influential members of the Rolling River community and recipients are awarded discounted or complimentary Half Season 2 tuition.

  • The Isabelle “Nanny” Goodman Scholarship is in memory of Director Mark Goodman’s mother, who strongly believed in the philosophy of camp and as a single working parent in the 1960’s, sent her children to camp via scholarship. This is awarded to a camper who excels in athletics.
  • The Laurette “Nanette” Uziel Scholarship is in memory of Director Rhonda Goodman’s mother, who met her husband at sleepaway camp and was an avid camp enthusiast and educator her whole life.  Nanette ran the Enrichment and Tutoring Program at Rolling River.  In her honor, this scholarship is awarded to a camper entering PreK through 2nd grade who are in financial or situational need.
  • The Marjorie Sherer Scholarship is in memory of Rolling River’s original Associate Director and Nursery School Director and is awarded to a camper ages Nursery through Kindergarten who are ready to explore the benefits of camp.
  • The JAJ Campership is in memory of Jonah Richman, Jordan Satin and Adam Cohen, who lost their lives attempting to save a camp friend.  This campership is awarded to a camper who displays compassion for their friends.

Ultra Flex Camperships

The Rolling River Ultra Flex Campership is an opportunity for families in need of financial assistance to receive a reduced tuition rate in exchange for camp date flexibilityDates that a camper may attend are based on availability in the correct age and gender group.  Dates are provided by the Camp Director after careful review of camp groups.  The Ultra Flex Campership does not include bus transportation. Campership review begins April 15. Reduced rates are $500 off the final rate for the Half Season Program and $1,000 off the final rate for Flex 24 or 29 Day Programs.