Creative play and exercise are two crucial components that contribute to the health and development of children. Kids need opportunities to play and move. As as a result, Rolling River schedules playground time for our campers as often as possible.


Rolling River boasts three custom-designed, innovative and nautically-themed playgrounds as well as an indoor, air conditioned dramatic playspace. Pebble Beach Playground, Sandbar Playground and the Seascape all feature smokestacks, portholes and numerous other areas to explore, climb, run and play. Sandbar Playground also has sprinklers for our youngest campers to cool off on hot days. Captain Kids Seaside Village in Sandbar Playground includes a kids-sized post office, grocery store, doctor’s office, school and wood shop.  In all playspaces, kids are encouraged to use their imagination as they navigate interactive and uniquely-connected structures.

All of our playgrounds have been designed by Rolling River’s Director, Mark Goodman. Under the guidelines of the National standards for safety, we have designed a variety of creative play environments that are sure to stimulate campers of all ages.