Color War

1,2,3,4…we want COLOR WAR!  This is a familiar chant at Rolling River Day Camp every August as campers anticipate this annual camp-wide event.  Since 1993, Rolling River has continued the Color War tradition during the 7th week of camp.  After an exciting Color War break, campers and staff break into teams of Blue and White and compete for points in a variety of activities.  Led by enthusiastic staff Head Counselor Generals, Assistant Counselor Lieutenants, and CIT Captains, campers and staff alike show their spirit by dressing in their team color and/or theme for the entire week.  Everyone looks forward to traditional Color War activities like tug-of-war, penny pick-up, bucket brigade, and rope burn.

The week culminates with Color War Sing, where the teams present banners and plaques and face off in a spirited sing down featuring a cheer, march, and alma mater (you can find past Color War plaques still hanging in the Auditorium and Gymnasium).  Sing has become so popular that RRDC alumni often come back to watch!  The winning team receives the coveted Rolling River Color War Trophy.  After the winner is announced, it’s tradition for the generals and leaders from both teams to leap into the pool and reunite blue and white.

Team Names (winners in bold)- How many teams were you on?

  • 1993- Blue Waves vs. White Rapids
  • 1994- Blue Pirates vs. White Sailors
  • 1995- Blue Vikings vs. White Sea Serpents
  • 1996- Blue Destroyers vs. White Submarines
  • 1997- Blue Tritons vs. White Neptunes
  • 1998- Blue Commanders vs. White Admirals
  • 1999- Blue Buccaneers vs. White Swashbucklers
  • 2000- Blue Seahawks vs. White Seagulls
  • 2001- Blue Explorers vs. White Challengers
  • 2002- Blue Patriots vs. White Liberty
  • 2003- Blue Caribbean vs. White Arctic
  • 2004- Blue Tidal Waves vs. White Twisters
  • 2005- Blue Nile vs. White Amazon
  • 2006- Blue Scubas vs. White Skydivers
  • 2007- Blue Navy vs. White Coast Guard
  • 2008- Blue Knights vs. White Gladiators
  • 2009- Blue 80s vs.White 70s
  • 2010- Blue Genies vs. White Sorcerers
  • 2011- Blue Cavemen vs. White Spacemen
  • 2012- Blue Rays vs. White Myrtles
  • 2013- Blue Aliens vs. White Monsters
  • 2014- TIE– Blue Police vs. White Firefighters
  • 2015- Blue Avengers vs. White Jedi
  • 2016- Blue Monopoly vs. White Candyland
  • 2017- Blue Smurfs vs. White Trolls
  • 2018- Blue King Kong vs. White Godzilla
  • 2019- Blue Marines vs. White Air Force
  • 2020- Blue Broadway vs. White Hollywood
  • 2021- Blue DC vs. White Marvel
  • 2022- Blue Rockstars vs. White Popstars
  • 2023- Blue NBA vs. White NFL