Recap from the Teen LEADership Conference 2013

Marissa Allaben21 May 2013

Written by Rolling River CIT Matthew Goldberg who attended the American Camp Association’s Teen LEADership Conference on Sunday, April 28, 2013

The 2013 Leadership conference was a great experience! The way it was planned was fantastic. First they energized us with some games useful to play  at camp with kids you are supervising.  After that they sent you to an extremely enjoyable improvisation class.  Then, they allowed us to choose  a class.   In this class there was not really any writing or school like work, but there were interesting conversations about how to make the summer better for you and the kids you are working with. We also watched lots of YouTube videos that were hilarious but also taught about how to  act as a role model.

Finally we met the keynote speaker, Steve Maguire. Mr. Maguire kept everyone awake and raring to go with his presentation on how to keep the summer fun for one and all. Following Mr. Maguire was lunch  and then another class of our choosing which was just as good as the first. Following  this was a wrapping up session where you discussed with other people who were there what happened and how you liked it. I would definitely recommend this program to everyone!

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