Navigators (Grades 5-8)

The Rolling River Navigator Division includes campers entering grades 5 – 8. This popular program sets the standard for creativity and diversity in day camping. The Navigator Division is the perfect combination of a traditional summer camp experience and exciting off-campus travel program.


Navigator campers are placed in groups based on their incoming grade and gender.

  • Group sizes range from approximately 20-25 campers.
  • Each group is assigned a dedicated, adult head counselor and 2 or 3, college-aged assistant counselors.
  • All Navigator head counselors possess a NYS Commercial Drivers License and are responsible for transporting groups to off-campus activities and local day trips.


As Navigators progress through the Division, they earn more independence and responsibility to explore off-campus activities.

  • All Navigator groups participate in a full day, full division trip once per week.
  • 6th, 7th, and 8th grade campers receive a second full day trip per week while 5th grade campers receive a half day trip. 8th grade campers take part in an additional half day, off-campus activity as well.
  • Our diverse travel calendar features a variety of age-appropriate and popular locations such as Splish Splash, Mountain Creek, Dorney Park, New York Mets, Rye Playland, Aviator and more.
  • Campers also have the opportunity to attend a 3 day/2 night optional overnight to exciting locations such as Hershey Park, Lake George, Boston, Washington DC and more. We also offer an optional Broadway Show in New York City.


Our on-site Navigator schedules include camp favorites in sports and the arts well as opportunities for customized hobby and choice periods.

  • While lower division Navigator campers still receive swim instruction, upper division campers may participate in lifeguard training workshops.
  • All Navigators also engage in a co-ed Intramurals program and weekly special events.