2018 Visiting Schedule

Marissa Allaben06 Jun 2018

Mark your calendars! Family members are invited to join our campers for special events, including fun on the fields and courts, watching your campers show off their skills in the pool, and enjoying a special snack together.

*Monday, July 16th – Parent Night #1
1st Grade Girls, 3rd Grade Boys, 5th Grade Girls/Boys

*Tuesday, July 17th – Parent Day #1
Pre-K Girls & N14 Sailfish

*Wednesday, July 18th – Parent Day #2/Parent Night #2
Nursery Groups, 2nd Grade Girls/Boys, 3rd Grade Girls

*Thursday, July 19th – Parent Day #3
Kindergarten Girls, N15 Dragonfish

*Monday, July 23rd – Parent Night #3
1st Grade Boys, 4th Grade Girls & Boys

*Tuesday, July 24th – Parent Day #4
Parent Day #3 – Pre-K Boys

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