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Marissa Allaben12 Nov 2019

A kitchen is a place loved or hated by people. This is either space where culinary creations are created, conversations are inevitable, or memories last a lifetime. Whether you’re a kitchen novice in need of help or a lifelong culinary expert, there’s something about making a mouthwatering meal that will lead to memories and happiness.


Perhaps it’s the first time you’re perfectly chopping an onion. Or maybe it’s when you create one of those meals that everyone loves, so you feel cool You’ve cooked amazing food, and you see joy as you look around, hear conversation and compliments about the delicious meal, and people ask for more. You slew in the kitchen and gave those who enjoyed your meal a lasting smile. That inner glimmer of pride gives you that rush of happiness, accomplishment, and the satisfaction of knowing that for this moment and beyond you were responsible. Whatever you’ve made, something will always be sown on that plate in the memories of those who have enjoyed your delicious meal.


When the art of cooking begins, certain energy occurs. The kitchen becomes a blank canvas, whether you’re reading a recipe or going out of memory. You use cooking appliances, ingredients, spices, herbs, and more. Each step creates excitement from the beginning to the end as it all begins to come together. There’s some confidence that comes from cooking. Just like an artist, cutting, seasoning, boiling, and preparing is the perfect stroke of a brush. The smell is just the beginning of the bliss that comes with your delicious meal being completed, served, and finally eaten.


With any accomplishment, our confidence increases, and we feel good. Cooking can bring out the amazing skill in us all.

There are five ways that cooking can increase your confidence.


You accomplished a goal: The idea might have begun when you’re browsing on Facebook or a recipe you’ve been trying for a long time. You’ve seen it, set the intention, made the meal, and achieved the goal of making a delicious mouthwatering meal— maybe for the first time you’ve made amazing chicken. We have the sense that we can do more when we show up, stay the course, and achieve everything. We’re willing to move on to the next challenge. There’s the surge of energy and excitement to beat the last creation and enhance the next. Whether it’s a new recipe or something you love to make, completing a task and doing it well always feels good, and boost your self-esteem.


You are enhancing your creativity: It’s like art to cook. You can follow directions from the book, you can apply your own twist to the recipe, or you can make something that doesn’t have a recipe. This is your time and space, you’re free to do what you want. There is a creative element in food preparation and food presentation. You can create culinary art on your table from the plates to the location, and colors of food and utensils. This will enable us to explore our creativity both inside and outside the kitchen as we allow ourselves to create freely. This experience is a natural motivation to cook and create more.


You are taking ownership: From the start of the food preparation to the end of the masterpiece of mouth-watering cuisine, you own the kitchen. You own the room when you walk into the kitchen. Your result, you know, is delicious, mouthwatering, and unforgettable. There’s no turning back as you prepare. You know what it takes with all the moving parts of completing a meal. You are moving closer and closer to the end result with each step. In the end, you’ve seen, you’ve come, you’ve created, and you’ve finished a delicious meal.


You are creating memories: Whether it’s a nutritious dinner or a decadent dessert, it’s you who made it and presented it with so much love and pride. Since perception is connected to emotion the lucky people who have the privilege of tasting your delicious food will recall the meal and you for making it. Whether it’s pie, steak, or chickpeas, every time someone has something on their plate virtually, you’ll come to mind. You’re the inspiration for some happy people and taste buds at this moment.


It’s time for a celebration when you’re done with your meal. Garnish a beer, click your heels and enjoy the moment. Breathe in your exquisite and flavorful masterpiece’s lasting aroma Reflect on how amazing the kitchen sounds, cook something incredible, and delight in the unforgettable taste. We know that you are already dreaming about your next amazing project with this moment soon to come.


Learning to Cook


Now that you are aware of all the advantages of cooking, there is practically no reason why you should not become more interested in cooking. It can be fun, it’s a skill worth learning, and in one way or another you can even include the whole family. Either baking cupcakes or preparing a Sunday roast, start cooking, and you will learn how good it is to know about talent. Doing what you love and getting excellent and positive feedbacks will definitely boost your confidence. There are so many ways you can learn to cook, it is either through youtube, websites, etc.If your eye has been captured by one of the reasons we described above and you want to try cooking, it’s time to learn!



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