Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Marissa Allaben21 Nov 2023

Introducing the Rolling River Holiday Gift Guide 2023! We’re sure many parents are still looking to find the perfect gifts for their campers. Therefore, we put together a guide for holiday gifting based on our camp divisions. All of the gifts mentioned below are inspired by activities at camp including STEAM, Soccer, Loading Dock, Martial Arts, Hidden Treasures, Special Events & More! Click the links below the pictures to access more information.  Happy holidays from your Rolling River family!

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Skipper Division Gift Guide:

  • Magnetic Building Blocks Barnacle Blocks was a favorite activity amongst all of our Skipper Campers. These Magnetic Building Blocks incorporate the fine motor tools they used to build all summer and allow them to discover new ways to build!
  • 2 in 1 Pitching Machine – Our Skipper Division learned new skills for various sports throughout the summer. This 2 in 1 pitching machine allows them to bring the fun home and continue practicing their favorite sports.
  • Eye Found It – During the camp season, Mind & Movement and Hidden Treasures makes brain breaks and learning fun! Our Skippers loved playing new games that were sneakily helping them developmentally. “Eye Found It” combines these two activities perfectly and is a great solution for boring cold winter days!
  • Bean Bag Toss Game On Skipper Field, with the help of Coach Lisa our skippers practiced aim and accuracy with bean bags. This nautically themed bean bag toss reinforces the skills practiced over the summer and is sure to get them excited for Camp!
  • Modeling ClayLet creativity and imagination soar with this modeling clay kit. At Ceramics campers used various supplies to make projects to bring home at the end of this week. This creative kit will be a huge hit and fun for the whole family.
  • Paw Patrol Adventure City GameAnimal Day at camp was full of the cutest puppies and biggest smiles. This Paw Patrol Game will not only remind them of how much fun they had playing with puppies but will also make family game nights more fun and exciting.
  • Construct & Play Dino KitThe Construct & Play Dino Kit combines STEAM and Barnacle Blocks and encourages kids to problem solve on their own to create their very own dinosaur!
  • Ocean Themed Sensory BinNature always explored new themes from volcanoes to the ocean and everything in between. This Sensory Bin is the perfect way for children to develop fine motor skills as well as continue learning about the ocean and animals.
  • Custom Book About SchoolAt Hidden Treasures, campers read so many new stories and were able to imagine themselves participate in new adventures. This book directly adds them into the story and will help them transition to new schools and help build excitement for their new adventure!
  • Dance MatWho doesn’t love a good dance party? This animal themed dance mat will turn any living room into the best dance party of the year! Our Skipper Campers absolutely loved hearing new songs in Music and practicing fun dances at Ocean Motion. This gift combines those two loves while helping improve memory, physical fitness and hand/foot coordination. With different modes designed specifically for various ages this gift will last them years to come!

Mariner Division Gift Guide:

  • NFl-Opoly – Re-live Superbowl Friday in the comfort of your own home! NFL-Opoly is the perfect game for any of our campers. This themed junior version of monopoly is the ultimate game for any sports-loving kids.
  • Create Your Own Comic Book – Let your child’s creativity explore new worlds and endless possibilities. This kit allows them to bring any story to life with their own illustrations. After they finish creating their story, a physical copy of their very own comic book will be sent right to your house!
  • Make Your Own 3d String Light Art – Our Mariner Division loves Loading Dock. This 3D String Light Art Kit is the perfect way for them to experience loading dock during the year. With 3 project options this is the perfect play-date activity or snow day project!
  • Outsmarted Family Game Show – During a variety of special events from the summer, campers participated in interactive game shows paired with tons of laughter. The Outsmarted Family Game Show brings Special Events right to you and will be fun for the entire family!
  • Hover Soccer – Cold winter weather tends to result in restless energetic kids. This Hover Soccer set is the solution you’ve been waiting for! Combining Athletics and Steam this gift will provide hours of fun. This set is perfect for the holidays and when it’s warm again they can play with it outside too!
  • Project MC2 Ultimate Spa Studio – Combining STEAM and Mind & Movement, our mariners are sure to love Project MC2’s Ultimate Spa Studio. This gift will incorporate things learned in steam while they make their own soaps, lip balms, and body lotions. Once they’ve perfect formulas it’s the perfect start to the ultimate self-care day where they will be reminded of different methods used during Mind & Movement over the summer.
  • Gross Science Kit – Ghouls, Ghosts and Monsters aren’t the only spooky parts from Halloween Day at camp. This Science kit will bring Halloween tricks year round by combining the spookiest aspects of Halloween with everything our campers learned about in STEAM. With 45 unique experiments your kids will be learning without even realizing it!
  • Minute of Fun Party Game – All summer, our mariner division learned new games with Lonny, the Mariner supervisor. Minute of Fun is a game packed with crazy challenges that will result in the best family game night ever!
  • Kobra Strike – From breaking boards to learning the basics, Campers learned how to be quick with their motions at Martial Arts. Kobra Strike is all about thinking fast and using reflexes to move from apprentice to sensei.
  • Foil Fun Activity Kit – All kids love arts and crafts, but as parents the mess isn’t as much fun. This Foil Activity is the best compromise! Your Kids will love creating new projects just like they did all summer in Arts & Crafts, and you’ll love how easy the set up and clean up is.

Navigator Division Gift Guide:

  • Light Up Pop It Game – Campers in the Navigator Division are always looking for ways to make long bus rides to trip go faster. The Light Up Pop It Game is the perfect activity for them to bring and keep them entertained for the whole ride.
  • Clay Bead Kit – Loading Dock is a favorite amongst our Navigator Campers. They’re constantly asking for extra time to make bracelets. This Bead Kit will definitely be one of their favorite gifts of the season!
  • Glow in the dark Capture The Flag – Who says playing outside is only okay when the sun is out? Glow in the Dark Capture The Flag is a great way to get the kids outside and running around even though the sun is setting earlier each day. Parents will be able to keep an eye out for the kids with the glow in the dark bracelets, and your kids will be able to get all of their extra energy out when their sports seasons come to an end.
  • Digital Camera – Navigator Campers want to capture every memory possible on trips throughout the summer. This kid-friendly digital camera is a great way for them to take all the pictures they want and be able to bring them home to keep forever.
  • Solar Robot – This 6-in-1 Solar Robot is the gift that keeps on giving this holiday season! Your child will get to create their own space fleet and explore for hours on end.
  • Make Your Own Wall Collage – This Wall Collage Kit is the most ideal way for your child to display their favorite memories in their room. With so many options included, every child will find the pieces to show off their personality and have their camp friends right by their side year round.
  • Foam Target Game – Our Navigators loved every trip to Dave & Busters and other arcades. This Foam Target Game brings the arcade home! Similar to many target games at arcades, this game will elevate any play date.
  • Ka-Blab – If you’re looking for the next game to introduce at family game night, look no further! Ka-Blab is fast-paced, exciting game for up to 6 players.
  • Clay Earring Kit – Everyone is looking for a way to stand out in middle school, this clay earring kit will have everyone asking where they got their one-of-a-kind earrings. During the summer, campers were able to create projects at ceramics and this gift is a great age-appropriate gift to bring ceramics home.
  • Camera Drone – This summer, all of our Navigator Campers were obsessed with using the camp Go-Pros on trips and campus. Giving them their own Camera Drone will allow them to explore camera techniques and in turn, learn how to edit and encourage creativity. We have no doubt that this gift will be one they talk about for a long time after the holidays end!

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