Scuttlebutt Newsletter- August 21, 2020

Marissa Allaben26 Aug 2020

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Monday kicked off our final week of camp with a special pizza party for the Skipper Division and a relaxing picnic in the park for the CITs. On Tuesday, the 3rd & 4th graders splashed around the pool at the our final Luau Party and munched on colorful cupcakes! The CITs’ were also caught off guard with a surprise water balloon fight on the field. Although it rained on Wednesday, everyone found a way to keep busy and dry – from stretching at yoga, to enjoying our delicious lunch BBQ. Thursday, the Mariners had a blast at Fran’s “Wacky Games” and the Skippers competed in our first ever Rubber Duckie Races. The Navigators strapped on their roller skates and took to the hockey rink as well!

Today, we wrapped up the summer with our Kindergarten Graduation, celebrating the Skippers who will be moving on up to the Mariner Division next summer. All of RRDC participated in our annual “Wishing Well Ceremony”, where each group dropped in a star & made a wish for the coming school year. We signed each other’s t-shirts & said our tearful goodbyes. Each summer is better than the last, and we can’t wait to see what our 29th summer – 2021 – has in store.

Thank you to all our parents and staff for helping to make our 28th Summer Voyage the safest and most fun! Without your support, we couldn’t give our campers these memories to last a lifetime. Have a terrific school year, stay safe, and we’ll “sea” you all soon down by the RIVA! A special note for those campers who created tie dye projects at Arts and Crafts this week- Please place dry clothing article in the dryer at a high heat setting for 20 minutes. If the clothing has the 3D/Puffy paint on it, please turn inside out prior to placing in the dryer.

“Sea” You for Camp 2021!



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