Scuttlebutt Newsletter- August 14, 2020

Marissa Allaben14 Aug 2020

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What an incredible week of Special Events here at RRDC! It was very special that our campers experienced both Carnival and Color War in one week- it was amazing!

Due to a rain on Friday, this week started off with our annual Carnival, which was incredible as always! We had a great time on all the water rides and loved ending our day with Kona Ices for snack.

On Tuesday we officially kicked off our 2020 Color War Games.  Our Opening Ceremony introduced the CIT Captains for Blue Broadway and White Hollywood.  The rest of the week was filled with blue and white spirit.  Tuesday featured Penny Pickup in the pool and Wednesday we hosted both Bucket Brigade and Swim Races.  Thursday was extremely exciting with many Color War Activities including the Apache Relays, the Skipper Spot Shot Tournament, 1st Grade Treasure Hunt, 2nd grade Mummy Wrap we had our 2 Apache Relay and much more. Color War culminated today with Rope Burn in the morning and the much anticipated “Color War Sing” event this afternoon.  Each team presented 3 songs and  their plaque.  While both teams did an amazing job, congratulations to WHITE HOLLYWOOD for winning Color War 2020! We can’t believe next week is already the last week of camp. We are going to miss everyone so much.  Get ready for an incredible end to the summer season.

“SEA” you next week!


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