Special Events Schedule 2019

Marissa Allaben12 Jun 2019

Each summer, campers look forward to our creative special events, shows and dress up days.  This year is no exception and we have an amazing line up of events!

In order to prepare for dress up days, many parents have asked for a list of event dates and recommended dress up ideas (goodbye late night visits to Party City!).  See below for this comprehensive list for Summer 2019.  Remember, all dress-up days are optional (if your camper does not want to dress up, they should come in a Rolling River shirt).

*Campers and CITs should wear a regular camp t-shirt any day that is NOT a special event day.  If your camper is going on an off-campus trip on a dress-up day, they must wear or bring an un-altered camp shirt that day.

2019 Special Event Days and Activities:

  • Friday, July 5- Red, White & Blue Day- Dress in your most patriotic red, white and blue outfit.  Skippers will see the silly show “Ellis the Funny Man” and Mariners and Navigators will participate in the fun “Camper Quest Game Show”.  The 1st through 3rd grade campers will also have a special field day run by “CrossFit Kids The Rock”.
  • Monday, July 8- Spirit Week Begins! Picture Day- wear a clean, un-altered Rolling River shirt.
  • Tuesday, July 9- Spirit Week, Dragons and Unicorns- Wear a Unicorn or Dragon outfit or shirt!
  • Wednesday, July 10- Spirit Week, Luck O’ The Irish Day- Wear green, green and more green! Anything St. Patrick’s day themed is perfect for this day.
  • Thursday, July 11- Spirit Week, Crazy Hair Day- Do the craziest hairstyle you can think of, get creative!
  • Friday, July 12- Song & Plaque Day- Group counselors will send an email home letting campers know what to wear for their Song & Plaque presentation.
  • Friday, July 19- World Of Dance Day- Wear your favorite dance costume. Ballet, Hip Hop, Tap, or a Dance Recital Costume!  Skippers will dance the afternoon away with the “Bobby Doowah Show”.  1st – 3rd grade campers will participate in an awesome “Breakdance Workshop”.  4th grade – CIT campers should get their best dance moves ready for “Quiet Clubbing”.  The Kindergarten to 4th grade girls will also have a special interactive dance class with “The Dance Space”.
  • Friday, July 26– Bubble Bonanza Day- Bubbles will be every where, get ready for a really fun day! Wear a Rolling River shirt or something bubble-themed!  All Skippers and Mariners will be amazed by the “Jeff Boyer Bubble Trouble Show” and the Navigators and CITs will rule the fields at Bubble Soccer.  Nursery to 1st Grade will enter “The Bubble Zone” for a wet and wild afternoon of bubbles and 2nd – 8th grade will love the DJ Foam Pit!
  • Friday, August 2- Carnival! Campers wear bathing suits, make sure to have flip flops or swim shoes at camp.  The entire camp will be transformed into Carnival grounds complete with inflatable slides, rides and additional activities. Snack will be cotton candy and the ice cream truck!
  • Friday, August 9- Boot Camp Day- Get ready to work out with our camp sergeants! Wear your favorite exercise outfit, shirt that supports the armed forces or camouflage outfit.  The Skippers will show off their skills at the “Child’s Play Challenge Course” and the Mariners and Navigators will participate in the interactive “Powerhouse Boot Camp” show.
  • Monday, August 12 – Friday, August 16- Color War! Once you know your camper’s team (blue or white), they may dress up each day in their team color or in a costume that represents their team name.  We will also have a costume contest featuring the Color War theme that week.  The week will culminate with Color War Sing (Kindergarten and up), the much-anticipated ending that features 3 songs per team (cheer, march and alma mater) as well as the presentation of the team banner and plaque.
  • Thursday, August 22- Last Day of Camp- Wear a Rolling River shirt and bring sharpie markers so campers can sign each other’s shirts with well wishes.  Do not wear your special 2019 giveaway shirt that day since we will be signing shirts.
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