Summer 2023 Camp Checklist

Marissa Allaben02 May 2023

For a simplified, seamless shopping experience, check out our Amazon list of Must Haves for Summer 2023 here!

Camp is just a few weeks away and we are busy packing up the essential items needed for a great summer. We always get questions for which products and brands we recommend for camp. All of our recommendations are kid tested and parent approved! Click the links below to learn more about our choices and purchase them for your camper prior to the start of camp. We can’t wait to “sea” you “reel” soon!

Camp Packing List (bring all items to Camper Orientation on Saturday, June 17):

What to Wear to Camp- Rolling River t-shirt, shorts, sneakers, socks, hat/sunglasses (optional)

All Campers- Two (2) Bathing Suits, Sunscreen, Goggles, Water Bottle

Skipper Division Additional Items- Change of Clothes, Wipes, Swim Diapers (if needed), Rest Mat (Nursery and PreK only)

Brands and Products We Love:

#1. Sunscreen

Here at the River, we get a lot of sun, so it’s important that your child get the best sun protection! This quality brand water & sweat proof sunscreen by Coppertone is perfect for keeping your child’s skin safe from the sun, and at a very affordable price! Remember to apply sunscreen at home before camp starts.  The counselors will re-apply after each swim period.  It’s best to leave two bottles at camp to ensure you don’t run out!

#2. Reusable Water Bottle

Hydration is the most important way to stay healthy and continue having fun here at camp. That is why it is super important to bring a reusable water bottle to camp everyday! Based on our experience, the best option is an insulated reusable water bottle. This water bottle by Simple Modern keeps drinks cold for 24 hours, has a leak proof lid, is sweat-free, and has a handle for on the go! The Simple Modern water bottles are perfect for campers of all ages. They offer a wide variety of sizes and colors/patterns.  It’s a favorite for both campers and counselors!  Remember to label your child’s water bottle to ensure it gets returned to your camper in case they leave it at an activity.

#3. Water Shoes

Swimming is our favorite thing to do here at camp, so it is important for our younger campers to have the right things to protect their feet. These water shoes from HITTAVE are fun and super easy to use. They also come in 19 different colors and designs! Whether your child is in the pool, at sand playground, or on the boat, these shoes are guaranteed to keep their feet protected.

#4. Pool Goggles

Pool goggles are the best way for our campers to have fun while swimming. These goggles from Keary are good for children of any age.  They come in a pack of 2 with 8 different color options, and even have 3 different size nose attachments for the perfect fit. These goggles have an easy method for putting them on and off with just one click of a button on the back of the goggles, prevents the rubber from pulling your child’s hair. Whether you are in the pool, the sprinklers, or boating, these goggles will ensure your children’s eyes will be safe.

#5. Bathing Suits

Here at camp, your child will swim twice per day.  The bathing suits stay at camp for the week so remember to send in two bathing suits every Monday (or on the first day your child is at camp that week).  The suits get a lot of use and Amazon has the perfect variety of bathing suits for children of any age, and for a great price.  We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite options from Amazon to make finding the perfect bathing suit for your child easy. Bathing suits with rash guards are a perfect way to get extra protection from the sun as well.

#6. Sneakers

Whether you’re on the playground or the basketball court, it is important to have the proper footwear.  Great quality sneakers are a must for all ages. These sneakers from Nike are the best type to get before camp starts. They are easy to put on, and extremely durable. They also come in 29 different color styles and sizes ranging from Toddler to Big Kid.

#7. Rain Jacket

While we want it to be sunny every day at camp, we know sometimes there will be a pop up rain storm. Ensure your child is prepared with durable rain jacket.  This rain jacket is affordable, lightweight, and 100% bound to keep your child dry, even in the worst rain. It has a mesh lining to keep the inside dry and a full zip for easy access. This is the perfect jacket to slip on and off on the occasional rainy camp day.

#8. Drawstring Backpack

Our older campers travel off campus multiple times per week. It is important for them to have the proper bag that can hold their items but still be small enough to fit on the bus. This Adidas drawstring backpack is ultra durable and has many pockets for small items.  It also comes in a ton of different colors and styles.  At $18, it’s extremely affordable so you can feel comfortable handing it off to your children!

#9. Nap Mat

For our younger campers (Nursery and PreK), a rest period is given everyday, so it is important for them to have comfortable space to relax. These mats from Kindermat are super comfortable, easy to travel with, and easy to clean. We don’t permit cloth mats so the vinyl mat is a great purchase. These mats will ensure your child will have a comfortable rest period after a ton of fun in the sun.




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