Top 5 Reasons Teens Should Work at Camp

Marissa Allaben06 Mar 2024

Each summer, hundreds of teens entering 11th grade through college join us as assistant counselors for an amazing summer of sun, fun, friends and of course, work experience!  While teens have ample options of summer job choices, many opt to work at summer camp for the perfect balance between earning an income, gaining important life skills (i.e. leadership and mentoring experience) and socializing with peers in a supportive, structured and exciting environment.  Rolling River strongly supports the American Camp Association’s message that camp is a real job and teens who work at camp will get a better head start on learning real world job skills as compared to an internship.

Will your teen be home on Long Island this summer? Here are the top 5 reasons they should apply to work at Rolling River!

  1. Make Life Long Friendships – Working at camp is a great way to meet more people in the area who don’t go to the same school as you. At camp, you will be able to make new connections with people your age who share similar interests. During the summer, we love seeing our counselors hang out together outside of camp!
  2. Have a Fun Summer – At Rolling River we work hard to make sure that our counselors have just as much fun as our campers. Take this time to disconnect from your phone and play like a kid again! We encourage our staff to participate in every activity with their group and our unique special events on Fridays. Throughout the summer, there are also various counselor specific activities including a staff basketball game during Color War!
  3. Develop and Enhance Important Skills – Throughout the summer, you will develop or enhance pre-existing skills that can translate to any job. These include leadership, communication, organization, time management, social skills and so much more.
  4. Networking Opportunities – If you’re looking to work in education or childhood development, camp is a great place to start! Many of our counselors are teachers during the year and will be able to provide guidance and support as you begin or grow your career.
  5. Strong Support System – Rolling River is the perfect environment to step outside of your comfort zone. There is a clear support system from Head Counselors, Supervisors and the Camp Directors to encourage you to try new activities and take on new roles.  For example, we witness the development of strong leadership skills from our selected Color War leaders as they oversee a team of hundreds of campers and counselors.

Want to join the Crew as an assistant counselor?  Click here for a list of job descriptions.  Ready to apply and set up an interview? Click here to begin the Staff Application.  We can’t wait to “sea” you this summer.


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